HMS Belfast 1943 Weapons

The weapons of HMS Belfast in December 1943.

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2pdr 8 Barrel Pom Pom section ,

20 mm Oerlikon in motorized MK V twin mount section.

The detail level of this model will allow me to give a real impression of the ship during her fight with the German battleship Scharnhorst.

The 6 inch Guns of HMS Belfast

Note: All four 6in gun turrets are slightly different equipped.

HMS Belfast 6″ Turret A

HMS Belfast 6″ Turret B

HMS Belfast 6″ Turret X

HMS Belfast 6″ Turret Y

HMS Belfast 4″ Guns

The 8 barrel 2 pdr Pom Pom

HMS Belfast had two 8 barrel 2 pdr Pom Pom´s installed behind the boat stowage. Unfortunately I was not able to get pictures showing the 1943 installation detailed enough the see if the Pom-Pom´s were already equipped with splinter shield for the trainer and elevator position as shown in some of the reference photos below. Until I get reliable information I will stick to the unprotected version of the gun system.

Above: Various 2pdr Pom-Pom gun installations on King George V class Battleships. All pictures above pictures are from the IWM.

Above: 8 barrelled 2 pounder mark VIII guns on Mark VI naval mounting. All photos above are from the  “The Vickers Photographic Archive” -The Dock Museum-  North Road Barrow-in-Furness

Above my interpretation of the  8 barrelled 2 pounder mark IX guns on Mark VI naval mounting. Photos of HMS Belfast clearly indicate that mark IX barrels were used from the beginning in 1939.

20 mm Oerlikon in motorized MK V twin mount

HMS Belfast was equipped with 4 Oerlikon twin mount gun systems in 1943. One on B-turret, 2 on the hangar roof starboard and port of the bridge and one at the stern.

Creating this gun proofed to be rather difficult for various reasons.
1.) There are only a hadfull of photos available showing the 20 mm Oerlikons in the motorized MK V mount.

2.) AT the end of the war almost all 20 mm Oerlikons were replaced by 40 mm Bofors. To save time the Oerlikon twin MK V mount was altered to house the Bofor 40 mm gun. This gun systems called Bofin´s (Bofor in Oerlikon mount) were more or less improvised conversions from the original Oerlikon system. As a result each Bofin turned out to be more or less one of a kind.

3) There are drawings available from John Lambert but this drawings are showing not exactly the type I had in mind. However, John´s drawings are absolutely fantastic and have been a great help!

The first two pictures are from John Lamberts drawings and can be purchased here:

20 mm Oerlikon in motorized MK V twin mount gun system consists of two devices. The gun system itself and a power unit. The power unit (PU) was a stand alone generator in order to provide an ship independent power source. Unfortunately I was not able to find a single picture showing this device.

Above: The only photos I could find from the real deal, the 20 mm Oerlikon in motorized MK V twin mount. The first two pictures are from the IWM. The last pictures are showing the gun system on King George V in 1945.

Above: The Boffins of HMCS Haida. Picture Nr. 7  shows a 6 pdr gun in a Oerlikon MK V mount (IWM).

My interpretation of the 20 mm Oerlikon in motorized MK V twin mount. I basically used all the information I could obtain about the original design but I had to fill some gaps by borrowing some details from the Boffins.

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