3D-Models, Resources, our Projects and Services

This side got some major changes:
– All freely downloadable content is now hosted under “resources”.
– There you will find a view thousands photos, hundreds of drawings, original documents and old handbooks and manuals. Everything there is for free! Enjoy!

On this pages you will find:

Renderings of our realistic, historically correct and true-to-the-original 3D models used in documentaries and movies broadcasted by
– Discovery Channel Network
– ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) a Germany state driven Network
– History Channel
– National Geographic Channel
– National Geographic Channel International
and others ….

But our 3D-Models are also used to produce prototypes and molds by Kit-Manufacturers to produce their scale models.

Our 3D Models are the results of intensive archive inquiries, painstaking evaluation of original documents and converting construction drawings [plans] into geometry and animations. If you want to start your own project high resolution drawings of ships and drawings of warships can be found here!

Projects and Work in Progress:
Unfortunately most of our work is confidential, but some in house projects are shown here.

In 2011 we started to colorize black and white photos and file footage about the Titanic. To learn more about the Titanic in Color project please use this link!

We provide a variety of first hand informations: From Photos to original Drawings.
Some of this items are for free some are available for a very reasonable price.

Note: All 3D-Models and Images on this site are Copyrighted by 3DHISTORY.DE, Thomas Schmid. All rights reserved!

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