Quick firing light field howitzer 105mm Krupp

These photos were taken at the Military Museum in Bucharest, Romania

Quick firing light field howitzer, with hydro-spring recoil system, single-motion wedge breech mechanism, traverse on pivot. It was equipped with panorama sight, but it was not fitted for an independent line of sight. As in the case of the field gun, slight alterations to the elevation could be made by means of a corrector. It could fire also an incendiary shell (10,5cm Brandgranate) and a 12.5 kg star shell (Leuchtgeschoss L/3,3).

Technical specifications:
MODEL: 1898/1909
Manufacturer: Krupp
CALIBRE: 105 mm
RANGE: 6300 m

It was used by the German troops in the First World War.
This gun was captured during the romanian offensive of Jiu in 1916.

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