James Cameron - Expedition Bismarck --

A Dream...?
xEarly 2002 James Cameron’s production company Earthship TV asked me to join their expedition to the wreckage of the German WWII battleship Bismarck, since I had both extensive experience with computer animation and intrinsic knowledge of the technical and historical details relating to the Bismarck. Having been fascinated by WWII technology from early childhood on it seemed like a dream come true when given this unique opportunity to dive down to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean to explore the wreckage of the Bismarck

My responsibilities:
- When I joined this expedition my responsiblities were:
- Generation of a computer model of the Bismarck prior to its destruction
- Generation of a preliminary version of a computer model of the wreckage based on information provided by previous expeditions
- Generation of a Virutal Reality model of the exterior and interior of the wreckage for a navigation simulator to facilitate training of the submarine crew
- Localization and evaluation of technical drawings of the Bismarck filed in the Bundesarchiv in Koblenz(?), Germany, to determine possible entrance ways into the interior of the wreckage.
- Incorporation of the results of the diving expedition into the 3D computer model of the wreckage
- Liaison to the last two (?) surviving members of the crew of the Bismarck (Walter Weintz, Karl Kuhn)

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The Keldysh on May 19th, 2002 in Kiel
From upper left: Walter Weintz, Karl Kuhn
Chris Peacy, David Roome
von der PoW