James Camerons - Expedition Bismarck --

The first dive.
On May 27, 2002, 10:50 am, we reached the location where the Bismarck was sunk by the English Navy, exactly 61 years and 10 minutes after the end of her final battle. A memorial ceremony for the senseless loss of thousands of lives on both sides was held. Then we began with the final preparations for the first dive to the wreckage scheduled for next morning. I was very glad that James Cameron selected me to be part of the first dive crew. Unfortunately, the dive had to be delayed due to weather conditions.

On May 29, finally Mir I manned by Anatoly Sagaleditc (pilot), James Cameron und Vince Pace (cameraman) and Mir II manned by Genya Cherniaev (pilot) , Mike Cameron and me were lifted off the Keldysh at 11 am. After 2.5 hours we reached the bottom of the ocean at a depth of about 4700 meters. Another hour later the Bismarck, this huge battleship, emerged out of the darkness.

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The launche of the "dive eggs" MIR I und MIR II