T34/85 TANK

Renowned Russian fast medium battle tank of the Second World War
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The T34 medium tank was the mainstay of the Soviet tank armies throughout the Second World War. It was fast, mobile, strongly-armed and had well-sloped protective armour. Its diesel engine gave it greater range than its German counterparts, a vital factor in the vastness of Russia. It was the best tank in its class in the world and greatly influenced subsequent tank development in many countries.

The T34 was designed, in 1939, to be mechanically simple and capable of mass-production. Between 1941 and 1945, 39,698 were built, 68% of Soviet tank output. From the end of 1943 onwards, the T34 was rearmed with an 85mm gun mounted in a redesigned turret and had thicker armour and an extra crew member. Production of the T34/85 continued until1964 and totaled 12,000, with many being supplied to Warsaw Pact countries and their allies. It continued to serve in the Arab-Israeli wars until 1973.

This example was built in Czechoslovakia in 1955 and was captured by Israeli forces. It was aquired by the Museum and shipped from Israel in 1977. It is painted to represent a T34/85 of the Soviet 95th Tank Brigade in Berlin, May 1945.

Technical specifications:
CREW: Five: Commander, gunner, loader, driver and hull gunner
ENGINE: Model V-2-34 12 cylinder 500hp
SPEED: 32mph (51kph)
RANGE: 155-250 miles ( 249-402 km)

Length: 24ft 9in (7.54m)
Width: 9ft 10in (3.0m)
Height: 7ft 11in (2.41m)
WEIGHT: 32 tons (32,514kg)
ARMOUR: 3.5 inches (90mm) maximum
ARMAMENT: 85mm Model 1944Z15:53 or 55 gun, 56 rounds and two 7.62mm machine guns

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