Battleship Bismarck - Introduction -

Since my childhood I am fascinated by the battle ship Bismarck and its fate. But Bismarck took no space on my project list. This changeat the beginning of 2002 as the team around James Cameron contacted me and inquired whether I would provide a detailed computer model of the ship. Unfortunately the time framework was extremely tight, but the coincidence came me to assistance. Peter Brandt, who sketched the most detailed cardboard model on the market, put generous way its data to me at the disposal. That was the rescue: It freed me from the complex plan research!

By Peter's fantastic work it was now in relatively short time possible to sketch the computer model shown here.

James Cameron expected not only the ship, how it looked intact, but also a model of the wreck and a low-Polygon version of the wreck had to be produced for use in a real time navigation system.

All three versions of the ship were used during and after James Camerons expedition to the Bismarck, in which I was allowed to participate to my unbelievable joy.